Starn O'Toole Marcus & Fisher Attorneys Selected to 2022 Hawaii Super Lawyers List

July 28, 2022

Starn O'Toole Marcus & Fisher is happy to announce that 16 firm attorneys have been selected to 2022 Hawaii Super Lawyers list.

Firm Directors Duane R. Fisher and Norman H.Y. Cheng are selected to the 2022 Hawaii Super Lawyers, Top 25 list.  Mr. Fisher and Mr. Cheng are selected for Real Estate Law.

2022 Hawaii Super Lawyers List

A. Bernard Bays

Andrew J. Lautenbach

Duane R. Fisher

Judith Ann Pavey

Kenneth B. Marcus

Norman H.Y. Cheng

Sharon V. Lovejoy

Stephanie E.W. Thompson

Trevor A. Brown

2022 Hawaii Rising Stars List

John W. Kelly

Kukui Claydon

Lauren K.O. Kagawa

Lindsay E. Orman

Maile S. Miller

Robert J. Brown

Sara S.T. Strona