Social Activities

Kukui Claydon

Georgetown University Law Center, 2015

When I first interviewed for a summer associate position with Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher, I told my interviewers that I wanted to work in a place where I could come in each morning be genuinely happy to see each and every one of my coworkers, and when I asked how are you, I would really care about the answer.  I have felt this way each and every day I have come to the office for the last almost eight years.

At Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher, we truly are an Ohana.  We work hard to do the best job we can do for our clients, but we also work hard for each, and because we care about supporting each and every one of our family members and seeing everyone’s success.  We truly are a team and value each member of the team – attorneys and staff alike. 

But we don’t just work well together – we are also stupendous at having fun together!  Each summer, we look forward to our summer picnic, where we bring our own families to have fun in the sun with our work family, with food and games and water activities!  Each winter, we look forward to celebrating the holidays together, with both a tree decorating party with family in the office, and a firm Ohana + guest holiday party, each as unusual and delightful as the next.  While I refuse to choose favorites, it will certainly be a while before anyone forgets playing musical chairs on the Iron Throne at our Game of Thrones themed holiday party a few years back!    

In between the summer picnic and the holidays, we find time to do all attorneys, all staff or all firm events, which ensure we continue appreciate each other not just for the top-of-the-line professionals we see each other as, but also to celebrate the personalities and the company we bring to enrich each other’s lives.  And while I hear that elsewhere employees must sometimes attend “mandatory fun” events, at Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher, we have the “don’t want to miss” events.  Indeed, I have even requested we change the date for a potential summer picnic, so as not to conflict with a scheduled trip. 

I am grateful every day to work with such a brilliant supportive Ohana, and know how much my life is enriched by each and every single one of my coworkers.