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Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher business attorneys assist clients with the formation, growth, maintenance and management of corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies and non-profit organizations. Our Honolulu business law firm has extensive experience negotiating and drafting partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and limited liability company operating agreements.

Firm transactional attorneys represent clients located in Hawaii, the US and internationally in the purchase and sale of business entities and business assets that range from acquisition of membership interests in closely held limited liability companies, to the acquisition of majority control of publicly held and traded corporations.

Our firm has trusted alliances with professionals specializing in labor law, tax and estate planning among others, effectively creating an experienced team customized for each client and their legal matters.

Trusted Business Advisors, Hawaii, The US Mainland, International

Attorneys at our firm are often called upon to act as general business counsel to clients, many times offering a sounding board for ideas and proposed actions. Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher transactional attorneys possess the business background and experience to evaluate a client’s proposed actions from both business and legal standpoints. Firm attorneys are skilled at examining potential business risks and rewards, and possible legal exposure or advantages that a particular action may present.

Business Law Attorneys at Starn O'Toole Marcus & Fisher

Peter Starn, Director, Real Estate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Business Sales and Acquisitions, Leisure & Hospitality

Kenneth B. Marcus, Director, Real Estate Law, Leisure & Hospitality Law, Corporate Finance

Duane R. Fisher, Director, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Business Sales and Acquisitions

Trevor A. Brown, Director, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Business Organizations, Closely Held Companies and Family Businesses Law, Commercial Litigation

Ivan M. Lui-Kwan Director, Real Estate Law, Land Use and Zoning Law, Government Relations

Norman H.Y. Cheng, Managing Director, Real Estate Law, Business Sales and Acquisitions, Corporate Law

Christina N. Ohira, Director, Real Estate Law

Lindsay E. Orman, Director, Real Estate Law and Business Transactions, Government Affairs

Honolulu Business Lawyers - Practice Areas

Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher transactional attorneys evaluate legal matters by first gaining an understanding of the operational side of running the client’s business. The evaluation process may uncover potential legal issues involving real estate and business concerns, or a need to update management contracts because of changes in the law. The list below is non-exhaustive.

Commercial Contracts

Ongoing agreements and contracts should be reviewed on an annual basis by legal counsel. Laws that apply to the business often change, making existing documents obsolete and potentially exposed to legal issues. Norman Cheng’s family business experience, offers a unique operational perspective that is valuable to the many business owners he counsels.

Corporate Law

The formation of a new business, or an offshoot of an existing business, should generate many questions about the new entity’s corporate governance and finances. Decisions about how the company will be run and how the finances of the company will be used, may be decided with better clarity when discussed with impartial legal counsel. Duane Fisher has provided numerous businesses, in a variety of growth stages, with legal guidance in this practice area.

Government and Regulatory Affairs

Business of all sizes experience regulation at the federal, state and local level. Our Honolulu business attorneys are experienced guides, having helped numerous clients successfully navigate Hawaii’s complex permitting requirements and regulations. Firm attorney, Ivan M. Lui-Kwan has held prominent positions in local government, and has an extensive knowledge about Hawaii government relations law and land use issues.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Continued business growth is often accelerated with the merger or acquisition of another company. In some instances, the continued existence of one company may require a legal relationship agreement with another business to survive. Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher’s business attorneys are experienced in sophisticated negotiations and deal making. Hawaii business lawyers Peter Starn and Kenneth B. Marcus draw upon years of business and corporate finance experience to plan for possible moves and counter-moves that may be presented in negotiations.

Wireless Communication

The global communications industry will continue to experience rapid growth as technology advances, often necessitating legal guidance to address ever-changing regulatory issues at the local, state and Federal levels. Duane Fisher has represented wireless communications carriers from inception through development and operation of their networks in Hawaii.

Business Consultation

Corporations, non-profits, small businesses, or start-ups, may all benefit from seasoned legal advice to help examine the risk and rewards of prospective actions.

Closely Held Companies

This practice area requires skill in dealing with various forms of business organizations, while simultaneously dealing with the personal relationships amongst the owners. Trevor A. Brown, possesses experience in corporate, limited liability, and trust matters that has enabled him to advise clients regarding control and valuation issues, and, as necessary, to litigate disputes in both circuit and probate court.