Business Community Workshops

Starn OʼToole Marcus & Fisher offers a variety of workshops that may be of interest to your business or organization. If you are interested, please click on the presenting attorneyʼs profile.

Creating the Rules-What Every Business Person Should Know About Service Contracts

Presented by Duane R. Fisher, Director

How often do you read all of the “small print” of any of the forms you sign? Are “boiler-plate” agreements the best way to protect your businessʼ rights?

Mr. Fisher will present his Top 10 Service Contract Issues in this highly informative workshop that will give anyone who is responsible for business
agreements, something to think about before signing on the dotted line.

Commercial Leasing in Hawaii - Dos and Donʼts

Presented by Duane R. Fisher, Director

When you lease a commercial space for your business, what legal issues might you face when signing the lease agreement with your landlord? If youʼre the landlord, what do you always include in each lease agreement? If you intend to improve your space, or your business ceases operations, what items need to be included in your lease?

Pre-Discovery-Controlling Company Data Before You Face Litigation

Presented by Stephanie EW Thompson, Director

Has your company taken proactive steps to manage company records, electronic devices and digital data and footprints? Are you aware of the repercussions of recording notes on Alexa, or the fact that a Fitbit may hold discoverable data?

Ms. Thompsonʼs desired workshop takeaway is to bring awareness to how
interlinked communication digital records and electronic devices can increase the legal costs related to the discovery phase of litigation.

Also, Ms. Thompson will cover how Hawaii and Federal laws covering discovery are similar and how they are different, and what the differences mean to a business facing litigation.

E-Discovery-What Businesses Need to Know

Presented by Stephanie EW Thompson, Director

Overview of the electronic discovery phase in litigation; what steps to take when facing litigation, policies covering personal use of smartphones and what you need to include in a data map of your businessʼ digital footprint.