Judith Ann Pavey Wins Multi-Million Dollar Verdict for Couple

March 3, 2011

Kidney Stone Patient On Dialysis For Life Because of Physician Error

Hawaii Federal District Court Judge Leslie E. Kobayashi awarded $7,378,872.57 to Siuila Mamea who did not receive proper medical treatment for multiple kidney stones in 1997-8 at Tripler Army Medical Center.  

 As a result of the improper care, Mrs. Mamea has undergone dialysis three times a week for the last five years.  Without a successful kidney transplant, she must receive dialysis for the rest of her life. Her husband, Felise Mamea received $150,000 for damage to their relationship as husband and wife.

 Judge Kobayashi found that Tripler Army Medical Center urology residents (1) treated the kidney stones in a way that damaged her kidneys, and (2) failed to implement the follow-up treatment for management of Mrs. Mamea’s kidney stone disease.

 Mrs. Mamea was in her mid-20’s when she was treated by Tripler residents, and thought she was fine when discharged. Because the Tripler urology residents failed to prescribe ongoing medical management, several years later her physician found that her kidneys had been irreversibly damaged.

 It is extraordinarily rare for a patient on dialysis to become pregnant, but Mrs. Mamea did. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl last year, giving her a reason a reason to live.

Judith Ann Pavey and Mark D. Kamitomo were co-counsel for the case.  Ms. Pavey said she is pleased with the verdict and hopes that Mrs. Mamea will receive a life-extending kidney transplant in the near future.

If Tripler appeals the verdict, the appeal process could extend her suffering for at least 2 more years.

Judith Ann Pavey has over 30 years of experience in litigation and litigation related alternative dispute resolution. Ms. Pavey came to Hawaii and established her reputation as a skillful and successful lawyer in criminal, personal injury and other civil litigation matters.  Later, Ms. Pavey started her own firm and continued to focus primarily on plaintiffs’ personal injury cases, including those involving medical/legal malpractice and defective products causing substantial physical and/or economic damages.  Ms. Pavey has the highest rating (AV) from Martindale Hubbell for both her skill and ethics.

Mark D. Kamitomo has over 20 years experience in medical malpractice and product liability law and bases his practice in Spokane, Washington. Mr. Kamitomo is President and owner of The Markam Group law firm, president-elect of the Washington Trial Lawyers Association, and was recently named Washington State Trial Lawyer of the Year.  Mr. Kamitomo has had numerous multi-million dollar verdicts around the United States, and in Texas, specializes in football helmet injuries resulting in quadriplegia.  Mr. Kamitomo also has extensive experience with birth injury causing Cerebral Palsy.