Starn O'Toole Marcus & Fisher Attorney Mark J. Bennett Recognized By Benchmark Appellate

November 15, 2011

Starn O'Toole Marcus & Fisher attorney Mark J. Bennett has been recognized by the inaugural edition of Benchmark Appellate, a sister publication of Benchmark Litigation.  

Here is what the publication had to say about Mr. Bennet and the firm:

Starn O’Toole Marcus & Fisher handles both trials and appeals, with very few attorneys in Hawaii handling exclusively appellate work. The firm’s appellate resources were strengthened with the addition of Mark J Bennett, former Attorney General of the State of Hawaii as director of the firm. Bennett has argued before the US Supreme Court in his capacity as the Hawaii State Attorney General, and he handles a substantial amount of appellate work.

There is no area of law that Starn O’Toole will not handle at the appellate level. As a general matter, the firm usually does not handle securities or tax work at the trial level, but it will take on an appeal dealing with that subject matter. Approximately 75-80% of the appeals handled at the firm originate from its own trial work. The firm is very well respected by clients, who have remained loyal to the firm for years. “Starn O’Toole has been representing us for approximately two years. We selected the firm based on their excellent reputation as a boutique litigation firm. I would stack this firm up against any of the other firms we use for litigation and it would be right up there,” cheers a client. Another client offers the ultimate accolade: “I went to a trusted advisor and asked who I should hire to represent us in a very important litigation. This gentleman recommended Starn O’Toole. We have hired them to represent us in two subsequent litigations. The partners at this firm are extremely smart, talented, aggressive, and hard working. This firm is far superior and more capable than other similar firms.”